An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry


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نویسنده : Patrick Murray

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سال چاپ : 2018

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قطع : رحلی

شابک : 9780198749691

An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry 6th Edition

An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

For many people, taking some form of medication is part of everyday life, whether for mild or severe illness, acute or chronic disease, to target infection or to relieve pain. However for most it remains a mystery as to what happens once the drug has been taken into the body: how do the drugs actually work? Furthermore, by what processes are new drugs discovered and brought to market?

An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry, sixth edition, provides an accessible and comprehensive account of this fascinating multidisciplinary field. Assuming little prior knowledge, the text is ideal for those studying the subject for the first time. Part one of the book introduces the principles of drug action via targets such as receptors and enzymes. The book goes on to explore how drugs work at the molecular level (pharmacodynamics), and the processes involved in ensuring a drug meets its target

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An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

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