Basics of Anesthesia


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دسته بندی : بیهوشی مراقبت های ویژه و طب درد anesthesia and critical care

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سال چاپ : 2017

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قطع : رحلی

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Basics of Anesthesia 7th Edition

Basics of Anesthesia

The undisputed leading text in its marketBasics of Anesthesia, 7th Edition, provides comprehensive coverage of both basic science and clinical topics in anesthesiology. Drs. Manuel C. Pardo, Jr. and Ronald D. Miller, in conjunction with many new contributors, have ensured that all chapters are thoroughly up to date and reflect the latest advances in today’s practice. Unparalleled authorship, concise text, easy-to-read chapters, and a user-friendly format make this text the #1 primer on the scope and practice of anesthesiology.

  • Presents the combined expertise of two of the most prolific and renowned anesthesia experts worldwide, along with more than 80 expert contributing authors

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Basics of Anesthesia

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